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Dr. Wong was trustworthy and detailed about everything. Would recommend if you are having neck problems.

Godfrey G.

Dr. Wong has been very patient with my care. I see him for the NUCCA method of chiropractic, which is very gentle. Your neck is in goods hands with Dr. Wong.

Allan H.

Dr. Jameson Wong is a very knowledgeable and caring chiropractor. He utilizes the NUCCA upper cervical technique which is really gentle and precise. He takes time with you as a patient and after getting a correction I feel like the pressure is so much less in my head. Definitely recommend him!

Jeremy S.

There aren't very many chiropractors in the area that focus on Upper cervical care so I was glad to find Dr. Wong. He specializes in the NUCCA technique which is very precise and gentle. He takes his time with each patient and truly cares about them. After I get a correction, I always feel significantly less pressure in my head. I definitely recommend him!

Jeremy S.

Dr. Wong is professional and kind and very knowledgeable about this work. I have struggled with chronic neck pain for 15 years and after many unsuccessful trips to the chiropractor/heating pads/pain salve/advil, finding the NUCCA approach has changed my life. The adjustments are subtle- no cracking- and my pain is gone. Gone! I highly recommend Dr. Wong for anyone who is suffering from back/neck pain. It's miraculous.

Gina M.

We have been very fortunate to have stumbled upon Dr. Wong's practice in treating my mom's migraine. Just from our first visit I could tell he had a trustworthy and kind work ethic and was genuine about wanting to treat and help my mom. He was thorough in his explanation and evaluation and spoke in a way that helped us to understand my mom's health status. After two months of treatment there has been clear improvements in her spine and as we continue to receive treatment my mom's migraine and symptoms have been kept at bay. He was never pushy in trying to coerce treatments but would give us his recommendations and allowed us time to decide. Thank you, Dr. Wong, for your care and service!

Trinh T.

I've been suffering from chronic mystery pain for over a decade now. Since I haven't received any diagnosis from various doctors, I've taken it upon myself to do my own research. Which ultimately led me to NUCCA chiropractic. I found out that my coworker goes to Dr. Wong and he recommended him to me. From the first phone call to get an appointment, I already felt like I'm in good hands.

I've only had 3 adjustments but I can say this is the most relief I've had in years. On top of being great at what he does, he's also empathetic and truly wants you to get better.

Ces W.

Dr. Wong specializes in the NUCCA practice, and before him I've been in the NUCCA care for approximately 6 months for neurological and dizziness issues. My previous doctor moved somewhere else, so I transitioned my care to him.

I feel super lucky that I transitioned my care to him, as he is a super caring doctor that goes above and beyond for his patients. After my first adjustment, Dr. Wong called me that day to see how I was doing. Additionally, he spent so much time explaining what was happening, and consulting me on posture related issues.

As far as my symptoms, I am definitely heading in the right direction. NUCCA care is not cheap, but with a chiropractor like Dr. Wong, every penny I spend is worth it. I would 100 percent recommend him.

Dianne L.

My 11 year old daughter started suffering from vocal tics and I was desperately seeking alternative care treatment that would help her. The more I read the more I learned and one doctor referred me to Dr. Wong. While I had no idea if the NUCCA treatment would be able to help my daughter I decided to go all in to avoid medicating my daughter. Slowly her tics started dissapearing and before I knew it they were 98% gone. She was holding pretty well and I didn't take her in for a few months. I noticed she stopped trying to correct her posture and she would position herself in an unfavorable way to her back. Her tics came back and now we back. It might be hard for people to see the benefits of NUCCA because its such a gentle adjustment, and sometimes no adjustment will be needed. But I've seen what its done for my daughter and I've seen what happens when I don't follow up on her check ins. I will always choose this method over medication. Dr. Wong is always willing to go above and beyong to help his patients get relief from whatever medical issues we are dealing with. I trust him and appreciate all he has done for me and my family.

Nancy R.

Dr. Jameson Wong is a lifesaver! I had always feared chiropractors b/c I heard that once you started, you could never stop and had to always go in for corrections. Plus I hated getting my back cracked and it always freaked me out, so I never went.

A few years ago, a friend told me about the NUCCA (upper cervical chiropractic specialty) kind of chiropractic and the philosophy made sense--that your atlas, the bone that supports your head, was the key to all alignment and if you made adjustments while the atlas was out of whack, it was pointless b/c the atlas needed to be aligned first.

Well, besides being effective, the adjustments hardly feel like anyone's barely touching you at all! I went for some mild aches and pains at first, but then I got major whiplash when I was "blobbed" too hard into a lake at a summer camp. I needed to leave the next day to drive kids 6 hours to another camp and couldn't turn my head. Dr. Jameson and his partner at the time helped get me mobile again for that weekend and quickly got me healthy again.

So grateful for Dr. Wong! He made a believer out of me! LOL

Yolanda M.
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